Security Strategy Solutions

Providing solutions to prioritize your security efforts



Assets are deployed, and their risk is unknown or not completely understood. You need to know the risk right now. Modern software is deployed in diverse environments that can present a complex security posture that is not easily understood.

Modern software environments are complex and prioritizing security budgets is a real challenge. Connecting the results of security activities and policies to actual, impactful, priorities layers additional challenges onto a proactive security plan.

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Carve Systems offers strategic security services that build a security roadmap and prioritize security efforts. The prioritization is based on our expertise and identifying impactful activities, not just cookie cutter security plans that don’t address the risks to your business.

Carve Systems Maturity Framework (CSMF)

The Carve Systems Maturity Framework is based on trusted industry standards: NIST Cybersecurity Framework and BSIMM. We combine these security frameworks to provide holistic security strategy for products that encompass traditional information security concerns and software security focused concerns. A CSMF assessment creates a roadmap that addresses your organization’s burning security priorities.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework