Security Engineering

Solutions to your hardest software and product security problems



Handling software and product security is ineffective, decreases velocity, and demotivates employees and customers. The best engineering teams use security as a competitive advantage in the marketplace for both recruiting and customer acquisition. We help teams perform security earlier in their release lifecycle, create predictability in security, and implement major software security initiatives with your team, all without reducing velocity so your team can focus on the customer and product.

Teams often lack the resources to effectively implement security engineering in their life cycle without sacrificing velocity. Handling unplanned security issues is one of the most challenging aspects of modern security engineering.

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Carve Systems works as a part of your team, assessing, implementing, and performing security engineering:

  • ASSESS Gap analysis (CSMF, BSIMM), quantify security requirements, define a security practices roadmap
  • IMPLEMENT Prioritized security engineering practices, Training, Standards, Software Security Group (SSG), Security Culture, Security Champions
  • PERFORM Threat modeling, penetration testing
  • REMEDIATE Prioritize discovered issues, create security ownership, remediate
  • PROTECT RASP (Runtime application self protection), Signal Science, Restrike

Carve Systems provide the cross-disciplinary systems and business expertise required to successfully implement security engineering practices in your organization. We build security, together, into your software and engineering culture with our security engineering service.

Carve Systems helped us understand the security posture of our design, provided actionable advice prior to manufacturing, and provided documentation that satisfied our interested 3rd parties. The interactive Threat Model training that Carve delivered with our product assessment was fun, engaging, and informative as well.

Paul Elvikis

Business Development Director, Laird

Carve provides us with confidence and peace of mind that our products are secure, and helps us communicate our posture to internal and 3rd cybersecurity stakeholders. Through working with Carve, our internal security requirements and release dates have been met release after release. It has been a pleasure having them alongside us in our goal of keeping BMW’s products secure.

Lorin Michael

Senior Engineering Manager, BMW