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Our Security Solutions

Carve Systems aspires to be the most trusted named in information security. We do this by providing honest advice, executing on our core areas of expertise, and leveraging our partner ecosystem to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to our clients.

Our core area of expertise centers on helping companies remediate and prevent security vulnerabilities earlier and faster than conventional pen test firms are able to do. We do this by providing technical security leadership to engineering organizations, leveraging maturity frameworks to maintain executive visibility into risk, and providing a suite of technical services required to assure secure product outcomes.

Reduce Risks

Building software is a complicated endeavor where the smallest of defects can have a disastrous impact on the quality, and more importantly, the security, of the software. Our team of elite security engineers identify, assess, and exploit weaknesses in your system. We don’t just hand you a bug report, but instead, deliver simplified security solutions to business stakeholders and engineers. 

With Carve, you will reduce risk earlier by finding vulnerabilities faster, saving you from bad headlines and expensive data breaches.

IoT and Embedded Systems

When embedded devices connect to other devices, or Internet services, it increases their potential for security vulnerabilities and abuse greatly.

Our services combine Carve Systems experience assessing embedded devices, applications, mobile applications, web applications, and web services, to truly understand the risk to the things of the Internet.

Mobile Applications

Most organizations have a handle on their external perimeter. Attackers now focus more and more on applications inside of an organization. Carve Systems can help find vulnerabilities in your mobile applications before they land you in The New York Times.

Web Applications + API

Carve Systems has deep experience and expertise assessing web applications. We understand the latest web technologies and are at home in a modern Single Page, AJAX heavy web application. Whether you have a Rails application or a J2EE application, we can assess it.

Our team has deep software development expertise. We don’t just skim your web application looking for the OWASP Top 10. We know the technology stacks of modern web applications from the ground up.

We don’t stop at simply finding the vulnerability — we offer usable remediation advice with deep, insightful, and manual analysis that goes beyond automated tools. Our comprehensive methodology covers every aspect of modern applications.


The Carve Cloud Configuration Review ensures that your infrastructure is securely configured, which is essential to protecting your applications and cloud assets.

Grow Your Business Securely

Safeguard your data and your reputation with Carve’s enterprise-level quality information security services. Secure your entire organization – its people, applications, data, and networks. Create a lasting security culture to accelerate digital transformation and get a better understanding of your business and its unique risk profile.

Carve Security Maturity Framework (CSMF)

CSMF incorporates the NIST Cybersecurity framework to address traditional information technology risk management. We benchmark your organization against target maturity that fits with our assessment of your organizaton’s risk profile.

Carve works with your organization to understand and address existing security concerns, and perform a gap analysis to identify the “unknown unknowns.” Our consultants learn your business model, and how currently deployed technologies enable the business to function.

Through staff interviews and interactive white boarding sessions, Carve identifies and document critical assets, network topologies, and existing security controls.

Product Security Engineering
Carve Systems has assessed large products, such as critical virtualization software, and helped organizations find critical defects in their high technology products. Whether you have a big product, or a small security sensitive one, we can help.
Product Security Operations
Businesses often struggle with security teams acting in isolation from the rest of the company. Gaps in communication between the technical and business teams can lead to devastating vulnerabilities, breaches, delayed products, wasted resources, and a damaged reputation.

Carve has helped Fortune 500 organizations eliminate gaps in communication during the discovery and mitigation of threats, empowering both the technical teams and business leaders with a security mindset to lower overall risk within the product development cycle.

Security Champion Cultivation

Security Champion cultivation extends the security capabilities of limited security engineering resources. Carve leads Threat Modeling sessions with Architecture teams, and helps design security features early in the SDLC.

We leverage commerical and open source tooling, as well as custom automation, to reduce friction and preserve velocity. We reduce friction between product organizations and corporate information security teams by building relationships based on mutual trust and expertise.

Phishing Simulation
We provide security training so that stakeholders including employees, customers, and partners become resistant to devastating phishing & spear phishing attacks.
Achieve and Maintain Compliance
We help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to new rules and regulations in the cyber world.

Customized Security Packages

Having a safe and secure buttoned up network is cornerstone to any large enterprise. Whether looking for a one time security audit or an ongoing comprehensive solution, Carve Systems’ exclusive, bespoke suite of enterprise level infrastructure security can help you reduce risk overall. Carve performs risk assessments, develops proactive and preventative audit requirements for new deployments, assesses your applications and networks, and provides security training across your organization.