Introducing Restrike, by Carve Systems

Restrike Security Automation

DevSecOps application security automation in the pipeline. Continuous penetration testing that validates real security issues identified by our security experts.

Flawless Automation

Experience continuous security assessment of your product. Our service builds a model of your system and then integrates in your pipeline to continuously assess your security. View the system as an attacker to tune tools and log analysis. Find and fix issues as they are deployed. Create realistic attack scenarios and traffic.

CI/CD Security

Leverage Restrike to find regressions and automate security assessments


Find and prevent issues at the speed of development


Security in the pipeline that works


Find authorization bugs automatically


Find authentication issues in your app while your team sleeps

Object Reference Security

Automatically finds indirect object references


What is happening in your app? Have there been any regressions? Are outstanding bugs going unfixed?


Beautiful reports that are easy to understand

Automatic Functionality Discovery

Keep on top of how your deployed APIs are being updated and changed


Run your penetration test over and over to observe real world attacker behavior

Tune Security Tools

Tune your security tools with our real world feedback and assessment activity