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Carve Contest + Wargame: Exploiting Misconfigured Sudo

Interested in testing your hacking skills? Click here to skip to the Wargame At Carve, we help secure a variety of Unix-like systems, from cloud servers to IOT devices to on-prem installations. A core defense in depth practice is privilege separation through using...
Network monitoring with nmap

Network monitoring with nmap

Asset management is a problem we help many of our customers with. What are an organization's assets, and how accurate and up-to-date is this information? Even with a mature asset management program, organizations want some form of validation of their result. From a...

Wear’s the MITM?

Recently, we needed to man-in-the-middle TLS traffic coming from an Android Wear application. On a regular Android app, this would be an easy thing to do, but we started to run into trouble pretty quickly on the only Android watch that we had at our disposal, the 1st generation LG Watch Urbane. What made the […]