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Practical Phishing Defense

In my previous post, we looked at some of the core areas an individual should check when identifying a phish. Learning those phishing red flags will help at the individual level, but you can take it even further by making use of various phishing defense techniques designed to operate at the...

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Getting better sleep

Of the three pillars that hold up the tower of personal health and wellness (diet, exercise, and sleep), the one that might be the most important is the one most often neglected. When running a google search for fitness, one can find hundreds upon hundreds of results touting the best exercise...

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Busting out of a fitness rut

When I’m operating at what I feel is my peak professionally and as a husband/father/friend, I am usually also diligently navigating towards an athletic goal. But as I get older and responsibilities and stress increase, I find it harder and harder to prioritize time for athletic pursuits. And when...

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Cooking with Carve: Gyūdon

Cooking with Carve: Gyūdon

I love this dish because of the rich flavors and how it's easier than it seems (it pipelines well). The main ingredients are beef, onion, and egg, and the flavor is sweet and savory from mirin and soy sauce. It works as a whole meal and also as a main dish served along miso soup, salad, and...

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