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Introducing the Carve gcptool

Today I’d like to introduce gcptool, a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) focused tool to assist with auditing a cloud configuration. Here at Carve, we frequently test the security of our customer's cloud configurations throughout the course of our projects. Most commonly, this includes AWS and...

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XSS through DHCP: How Attackers Use Standards

During a security assessment, we sometimes need to think outside of the box in order to find interesting and impactful exploits. To aid us in this, we can use protocol standards as a roadmap to assumptions that may be built into a piece of software. Oftentimes, breaking those assumptions means...

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Practical Phishing Defense

In my previous post, we looked at some of the core areas an individual should check when identifying a phish. Learning those phishing red flags will help at the individual level, but you can take it even further by making use of various phishing defense techniques designed to operate at the...

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