A few weeks ago, eager to find something to consume some brain cycles, I decided to find my Raspberry Pi. Playing with the Pi has always been fun and interesting. I was fairly confident that it shouldn’t be too difficult to get Mallory working on it. After all, we wrote it in Python, and during development (read: halfway into the project), we tried to keep imported libraries under control. So maybe…just maybe, it would work right out of the box. I decided to pull the install script, perform the magic, and give it a try…

001-runningUneditMall Fig 1: Running Mallory after install script.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy (is it?), the connection tracking shared object file could not be found. After some digging, and a few more error relating to missing dependencies and uncaught exceptions, I was able to get Mallory working on the Pi. You can get the new install script here. This will pull an updated version of Mallory with a few less dependencies, but still fully functional. It should work out the box on most Debian installs, including your standard Raspberry Pi build.

Mallory Running Fig 2: Starting Mallory on Raspberry Pi

My next steps are to fix some of the long standing bugs that exist in the Mallory code base, and otherwise clean up the repo. I will continue to upload these updates to our Github for everyone to enjoy. Next, I will be working on enhancements that should make it easier to work with Mallory on the Raspberry Pi or directly from a command line.