Carve Systems invites technical experts to contribute posts as a guest author on the Carve Systems blog. We want to create a useful technical blog that covers the very broad field of information security. If you would like to contribute a guest post please contact

Past authors include:

  • Eric Boersma: Software developer and development manager who’s done everything from IT security in pharmaceuticals to writing intelligence software for the US government to building international development teams for non-profits. He loves to talk about the things he’s learned along the way, and he enjoys listening to and learning from others as well.
  • Casey Dunham: Casey, a security consultant, is known for his unique approaches to all areas of application security, stemming from his 10+ year career as a professional software developer. His strengths include secure SDLC development consulting; threat modeling; developer training; and auditing web, mobile, and desktop applications for security flaws.
  • Sylvia Fronczak: Sylvia is a software developer that has worked in various industries with various software methodologies. She’s currently focused on design practices that the whole team can own, understand, and evolve over time.
  • Eric Goebelbecker: Eric has worked in the financial markets in New York City for 25 years, developing infrastructure for market data and financial information exchange (FIX) protocol networks. He loves to talk about what makes teams effective (or not so effective!)
  • Mark Robinson: Mark graduated from the SRR Engineering College and started his career as an engineer in the manufacturing industry. But he also has years of content writing experience as a freelancer under his belt, so he understands the importance of effective communication in the tech world. Off work, Mark is a sports enthusiast who loves to play chess.