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Container Based Applications Whitepaper

Modern web applications are increasingly being deployed in containerized platforms. Development teams that build
and manage these platforms on their own must manage at least three complex layers of software: 

1. The host systems running the containers and cluster nodes.
2. The containers running on the host systems and the tools used to build and configure them.
3. The container orchestration system used to deploy and manage the containers.

The security of all of these layers is extremely important as they build on top of each other. Appropriately securing each layer is essential for defense in depth of the containerized platform.17

This whitepaper will focus on defense in depth measures for these three layers by giving a set of guidelines to think about for each layer. The focus will be for infrastructure and development teams building container-based applications that need guidance on important threats to think about.

These guidelines will use Docker as the reference implementation for containers and Kubernetes for the reference implementation of container orchestration. Although, these guidelines apply to other container implementations and orchestration systems as well.